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Blago vegetable oil

Blago is natural, high-quality vegetable oil with a long history. Modern equipment and advanced manufacturing technologies allow us to preserve the vitamins and other useful substances found in it, which the human body requires for a healthy life.

FREYA canola oil

FREYA has useful natural properties that contribute towards good health. FREYA canola oil contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, as well as the high levels of vitamin Е required to preserve one's beauty and youth.

Blago PRO sunflower oil

The Blago PRO frying oil is an advanced technology product developed specially for qualified chefs. The ingredients of Blago PRO slow the oxidation processes in oil during frying so that one can cook with it five times longer than with ordinary sunflower oil.

Dary Kubani sunflower oil

Kuban, a region with much sun and fertile soil, is where we turn to for the choice sunflower seeds used in the production of Dary Kubani. Filled with the warmth of the sun, the Dary Kubani sunflower oil gives dishes a rich taste and incredible aromas of the summer.

Altayskiy Znak

Altai is a pollution-free region with fertile soil, and the southern sun. It is the area where sunflower seeds take in the energy and benefits of Altai soil. These are the seeds we use to produce the genuine Altai oil.

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